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These button links are accessible to members who partner with a recurring monthly trade or offering.

We are excited to offer opportunities to meet and partner together through a variety of learning Hebrew classes, meetings with various leaders and ministries, Q&A's, 24/7 Global Prayer Tables of Priesthood, as well as community worship and fellowship gatherings.

We would love to be family with you!

Just click the button below to join Global Community in Yeshua.

Global Community Lounge

Meet others in the community to just video chat and fellowship or take part in scheduled online events and classes. 

Global Prayer Wall.PNG

Global Community Recordings

A treasure chest of resources we will be adding to on a regular basis.

 Community Q&A's, Ascensions, Hebrew Classes, Teachings and Testimonies. 

The Healing Room.PNG

The Courts of Heaven

Join with others as we learn how to access the Courts of Heaven and experience the beauty and the unconditional love and compassion of the Father's heart at the Throne of Grace.

Global Community Lounge.PNG

Global Prayer Wall

Join with others on Tables of Priesthood in ascended prayer into Father's heart and seek His desires for our communities, families and our own lives. 

Group Community Recordings Pic.PNG

The Healing Room

Whether Physical, Emotional or Spiritual, allow us to connect you with others who will join with you to receive encouragement, love and prayers for your journey of healing.

The Courts.PNG
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There is an amazing joy in meeting with small groups of like-minded believers and friends!
Once a week for one hour...Ascend together to pray and worship, fellowship,
feel the support of others, and govern together in areas where Holy Spirit leads.
Tables of Priesthood (TOP) in Global Community in Yeshua (GCIY) have become family!
Join today and find your place in a TOP!

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