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Emergency Fund

One of our team leaders and a member of GCIY & OFBA, Jonathan Hinchman, has just found himself needing to set up new rental housing for himself and his 2 young toddler sons. Their family structure abruptly changed with Jonathan now in the role as a single parent completely responsible for his 2- and 3-year-old sons.  At the same time, he experienced a sudden job loss, without any warning. This unexpected change and consequential forced move have left them needing emergency rental and assistance for the first month, as he starts his new job.

He and his sons are currently staying with some friends who have opened  their home to them. They are having to sleep on a sofa and with bedding on a floor right now because of lack of room. They unfortunately do not have any family who can take them in or help them in any way during this time.


Jonathan has been given the promise of a new job, which he is planning to start on May 29th, but he is in dire need of setting up housing, as well as establish childcare before that date.


As a media specialist for us, with a most generous heart, Jonathan has freely given many hours volunteering to help the GCIY & OFBA leadership teams and other members. The video work he created would have costs us thousands of dollars to pay for professionally.


As we have been following the sudden turn of events in the lives of this family, we have been holding them all before the Lord and feel that it is right to extend short-term emergency relief to help them initially regain their footing.

We would ask you to pray with us and ask the Lord if He would have you give to help this family. We aim to raise $5,000 USD to help them. Any amount given above this amount will form the beginning of an emergency relief fund to be used for community members who might find themselves in emergency situations.

The duration of this emergency fund raiser will be until the end of May 2021.