Welcome to the Global Prayer Wall.We are so excited you are here!

Join with us as we stand united as priests to pray for each other as well as the world.

Visit our Prayer Targets page to share specific needs you may have or see the requests of others.

Go to the Testimonies page to read or share the Faithfulness of our God

who still answers the prayers of the righteous who pray according to His will.

Send a request for a certain time on the Global Prayer Wall,

so we can connect you with others to stand and pray together.

Guidelines of Prayer

* Pray through the veil, not below it, under the covering of       the blood of Yeshua.

* Go up to God in worship and adoration before praying.

* Stand for what is good, right and edifying. Always  pray     with love, seeking redemption of people or situations for       restoration.

* Shut out all negative words and attitudes, gossip and             slander. Do not repeat personal requests and information.

* Guard against controlling and manipulative prayers.

* Always pray the heart and will of the Father, not our

   own. If  you are not sure what and how to pray, always 

   pray in the Spirit who knows all things.

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