Living Stones Gatherings

Living Stones Apr 4th Recordings

Saturday April 4, 2020 

Matthew & Pearl Nagy

Glory Company

Pearl will be sharing her Natural Healing Wisdom 

- Faith Health and Emotions

Matthew will be bringing Hebraic Revelation

- Using the Living Letters

Steve & Pam VandenBulck

Oaks Rising

Steve & Pam will have very powerful training and activations on 

- Breaking free from the  distresses of your unique Identity & Design

- Untethering from a Counterfeit Destiny to align with your Kingdom Destiny Scroll

Gil & Adena Hodges

Kingdom Equipping Center

Join Gil & Adena as they share:

- Keys For Unlocking Mature Sonship

- Encountering Your Perfected Self

- Breathing & Meditation

- Oneness