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Jane Schroeder

Jane lives in Scotland, the UK. She has two grown children and is nana to baby Arthur. She is a fiery lover of Jesus whose intimate walk with God has led her into the depths of the mysteries of YHVH and the heights of heaven. Fueled by her passion and desire for Jesus and for others to know his love, Jane walks God's sons into their destinies of kingship, dimensions of heaven and eternal bliss. Jane is a prophetic seer who is passionate about prayer. She devotes her life to the heavenly realms. As an international speaker, author, poet & songwriter, Jane is a truly wild adventurer.

Kate Wilburn

Kate is the owner and administrator of NEOS Capital Development Group, and partnering businesses, along with her husband, Mark. She has a branch teaching program called Beyond Financials, where she addresses the often illusive connection between spiritual and physical economic principles. Kate and Mark currently reside in Lindale, TX and are parents to 6 beautiful children, Alexander, Maverick, Blaze, Phoenix, Glory, and Zephaniah. Kate has a bachelor of science in psychology, was a Certified Nurses Assistant, is a worship director and an iced tea addict!

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Pearl Nagy

Pearl is a mystic, lover of God, mother of four, international speaker, natural health practitioner, prophetic singer, blogger, podcaster, and codirector of Glory Company. Her love of God is apparent in all she speaks on and teaches, whether it’s the deep, spiritual mysteries of the Kingdom, the Father’s heart of love for His children, or how to love the Father by taking care of your own body, soul and spirit.

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Roxabell Gomez

Roxabell was born and raised in beautiful India and lives down south in Bangalore with her husband, Grever and their families. Together they lead ‘Wild Tribe’, a youth fellowship empowering and encouraging young Jesus-lovers and crazy treasure-hunters to walk in freedom of who God created them to be. Her heart is after deep revelation of the scripture, the Presence of the Holy Spirit Lord and life-defining encounters. She has a deep desire to see men and women walk in freedom to lead, worship without walls and be wrecked by God’s Love. She loves taking Jesus to the streets, where the prophetic can lead people straight to the Father’s heart.

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Pam VandenBulck

Pam lives in Florida, the beautiful sunshine state, with her husband Steve. They have one daughter and are absolutely loving being Honey and Papa to their new grandson. Pam leads Oaks Rising, a mentorship community that equips and activates sons of Yahweh to passionately pursue freedom. She is a formidable Master Level Freedom Coach, having established well over 10,000 coaching hours. Pam is an international John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer who uses her expertise and prophetic gifting to facilitate accelerated breakthrough and transformation in the lives of others. Those she mentors refer to her as a “laid down lover”, sold out to bring others into the deep revelation of their royal identity.

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Peta Condon

Born and raised in beautiful Sydney, Australia, Peta now lives on the glorious Sth coast of NSW. She is a modern day mystic, teacher, mentor, and author. She is passionate to see others walk in the freedom of their unique design and awakened to the reality of the truth of our oneness in Christ and with all of creation. A profound love for Peta is engaging and enjoying nature in all its forms. She carries a deep desire to see creation set free, as the sons of God live the ascended life and present Yahweh to all of creation. Living gateways and Heaven's reflections.


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